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How to not get hit by cars

Nutrition resources

If you eat locally grown, fresh, nutritious foods you will support local farmers and help reduce greenhouse gases. Recipes, farming, links to more info...

National Heart Lung and Blood Institute's Portion Distortion

American Heart Association

Washington Dairy Council

Washington State Department of Health

Physical Activity Links


Local resource for information and activities

Scavenger hunts, Move Mixer, Fitness Challenges

Video of sports skills

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey provide parents and teachers with curriculum and and fun physical activities for kids!


A nationwide campaign to ensure equality in sports is underway!

Sports games, photos, and news

 Quality Physical Education Links

New standards as of 2014-2015 school year for snacks in schools, including vending machines. Here is the link to the USDA website w/ the info on this:
This link is for the “snack calculator” that determines if the item meets the new Smart Snacks in Schools standards:
This is the link for MyPlate w/ standards for how many servings of each food group each age group needs (including kids):
This is the link for Kids Eat Right (put out by the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics, my Academy):

Fit 4 the Classroom - Food, Move, Recharge, Mood

This page includes our state standards for what chldren should know and be able to do.

publications available for National P.E. standards

Health & Fitness Vocabulary for Grade 5

Kids’ Health Links

Build a skeleton!  English or Spanish

Also, brain, heart, digestive tract!

network of volunteers making schools healthier for kids

Body and Mind:  diseases, food and nutrition, physical activity, your life- your body

Center for Disease Control:  calculate body mass index

Be happy. Be healthy. Be you.  Be Beautiful.

"Keeping kids healthy: Nutrition, Obesity & Physical Exercise" "Childhood Obesity: What the research tells us"

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