Interactive Microscopes

Parts of the Microscope -

History of the Microscope -
Types of Microscopes -
Compound Light Microscopes -

Microscope Activities -

 An Introduction to Microscopy -

Use the Virtual Scanning Electron Microscope online 
        Check out jellyfish or sand or diatoms. Change the focus or brightness. 
        Photo Gallery of all kinds of things as seen under the microscope

CyberSleuth on Microscopes -

Microbe World -

Anatomy and Cell Biology - animal, plant, bacteria, brain cells- 
        click on the pin and match with the definition

Microworld - Internet Guide to Microscopy 
        Suggested websites

101 Science - Microscopes - Interesting pages

Marly Cain's Microscopy for Kids - ideas and activities
   Web Microscope!! -

        Project Micro Page with Ask a Scientist (Mike Roscope), 
          Images, Projects and Links

      Exploration of the Month from U. Minnesota 

Virtual Plant Cell - see the various parts in  pictures and in microscopy

Plant Cell

Virtual Microscopy Library from the University of Oklahoma (More for teachers than kids)

History of the Microscope with stuff about Leeuwenhoek including 
replicas of his original microscope

Observations of Pond Creatures - lesson plan

Resources from the Exploratorium -

Microscope Activities -

Microscope Lab Activity -

Build the Pond Viewer for your classroom -