More Science

Yuckiest Website on the Internet - (Mario tech academy) - The best place for yucky science entertainment

National Geographic Magazine - Check out the real magazine here.

Science Learning Network Wow, a network of science and learning just for kids to explore.

Magic School Bus - Take a trip with Ms. Frizzle and her magic school bus.  Through land, sea, or air, there is know stopping these students once they start learning.

Wall-e - Jump aboard the Axiom ship with Wall-e and Eva.  This site will bring you on a journey through the universe or build your own robot.  It may take some time to load the game on your computer.

Simple Machines - Musuem of Industry in Chicago brings you this amazing interactive adventure late one night, with simple machines

Tree Octopus Website!  Is this for real?? Everything you see online, may or may not be true.

Chroniclogic: This site allows students to build and test the limits of bridges.

Trees - Take a trip to the forest and indentify 50 common North American trees.  This website will help you classify trees and find out exactly what you are looking at next time you take a nature walk.

Help the Environment - This amazing virtual lab site allows you to change, predict, infer, and analyze environmental issues.

Visit the coldest place on earth
: The National Science Foundation’s U.S.South Pole Station offers a multimedia look at research under way on earth’s coldest,highest, driest and windiest continent—and the least hospitable to human life. Find out what makes the South Pole a unique place for studying astronomy, air, ozone, and life sciences. See videos,panoramas,photos and stories about the station, instruments, and its crew.

Wonderopoilis - Where the wonder never ceases! Ever wonder what's in dog food?  How your brain works? How strong is silk?