Author's Page

Many authors have websites that
 both parents and students will find interesting and educational.  Hawk Eye Elementary teachers would like to share a few of their favorite authors with you.  Click on one of the names below to learn more about your favorite author.  Maybe one day, your name will appear here, too!
Kevin Henkes

Audrey Wood

Frank Asch

Judy Blume
Ronald Dahl
Beverly Cleary

Leo Lionni

Dr. Seuss

Arthur - Connect to the world, with the famous Arthur story books.

Magic School Bus - Take a trip with Ms. Frizzle and her magic school bus.  Through land, sea, or air, there is know stopping these students once they start learning.

Paul Zitdel

Betty G. Birney

Shel Silverstein

Barbara Park - Junie B. Jones - Thanks Jayden, 1st Grader