Prodigy Game Math- Thanks Bryan & Barrin

IQ- Interactive QuizzesOnline Interactive Math, ELA & Science test prep Grades 2-5 CHECK IT OUT! - Thanks Ms. Jenkins

Sumdog - Uses sums and avatars  to practice addition.  Students do need a login account which a parent or teacher can help set them up.  Thanks to Mrs. Lee
ixl math - Every grade level has resources for every math activity.  (Technology Academy - Mario)

Onlinemathlearning: Exercises for skill-building, worksheets with auto-scoring for quick feedback, games, puzzles, simulations and other fun stuff that help students with math concepts.

Coolmath4kids: This is a great site for elementary students to develop or enhance their math skill through the use of a variety of games and exercises.

Illuminations: An interactive website that is tied to the NCTM Standards with great activities for children.

NLVM: The NLVM collection of over 100 interactive software programs, called “applets,” is an effective means for accelerating and deepening students’ understanding of math. 

Manipulatives - McGraw Hill has developed math interactive manipulatives with any grade level.  Thanks Ms. Russ

Kids Numbers Numbers, numbers, numbers.  Great games to play online in all math areas.  Fractions, division, subtraction, addition, and other fun activities.

NC Common Core Math - 3-5 Games have been posted to the Mathematics Wiki, Building Conceptual Understanding and Fluency Through Games - These games are aligned to The Common Core State Standards. The intent of this document is to provide students with an opportunity to develop conceptual understanding and computational proficiency.  Please feel free to adapt, tweak, or modify the games to meet the needs of your learners! K-2 Games coming soon!

AAA Cool Math

Place Value - Check out this great website!! A great way to facilitate timed math facts - taking actual assessments, compile results and providing feedback.  - Thanks Ms. Carpenter

Change Maker $$                                                                    

Measure It! - Games for inches and centimeters

Measure Games - Interactive websites and lessons.  Use firefox for best viewing!

Cool Math                

Interactive Math Online Learning Games

Math Multiplication Interactive FREE Games designed to help learn times tables.  Make customers happy at the fish shop and even wash your car, all while practicing your multiplication.

Geometry and Shapes 

Multiplication Matho  

Batters Up (Math by Prongo)

Math Train

Number Sense

Kids Zone - Learning with NCES - The NCES Kids' Zone provides information to help you learn about schools; decide on a college; find a public library; engage in several games, quizzes and skill building about math, probability, graphing, and mathematicians; and to learn many interesting facts about education.

Games, Games, Games Dositey Math - IXL offers Math Games for EVERY age range with interactive fun.  Thanks Ms. Bassett