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Science Animal Exploration

Food Chain Game:  Create your own foods chain here.

Fossil Website - This website is dedicated to providing  fossil education, information and fun for kids of all ages.  Questions will be answered, fossils will be found and you'll have fun in the process.

Fossil Game Website - Learn through games and discover the fossils in this interactive website

Ecosystems - Explore any ecosystem, learn the animals, weather, plants, endangered animals, and location.  Want to know about the rainforest?  How about wetlands or grasslands? 

Build An Online Habitat - Change up the weather, habitat, and vegetation, and see what the animals have to say about the environment you have created.

Use eNature’s Endangered and Threatened Species search engine to enter your zip code and learn about highly-threatened animals near you. There are also animal-related games, quizzes and other freebies available.

Learn about endangered and already-extinct species from around the world at Bagheera. Classroom activities and resources are also available for additional learning opportunities.

Scientists in the City
Learn about the science of cities and how a city functions as an ecosystem.

WildfinderWWF’s Wildfinder is an interactive tool that visualizes the global distribution of thousands of species that roam the Earth. Ever wonder exactly where tigers roam or vultures fly? Widlfinder shows you.