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Solar System

Solar System Video - Solar System Exploration will take you on an adventure through the solar system this school year.  Take a look at these great videos.  Get ready, hang on, and don't miss the spaceship.

Planets and Everything About them Check out this amazing site that allows you to learn facts and even see how long a year would be on that planet.

Space Game - Take a journey through space in this interactive space game.  

NASA Kids Club Stars, planets, and solar system made just for kids.

Moon Phases - Star Date Online - Check out the calendar for the moon phases here.  Thanks Ms. Head
InteractivesMcGraw-Hill is proud to bring you an assortment of outstanding Interactives like no other. These Interactives offer a fresh and dynamic method to teach the astronomy basics. Each Interactive will allow students to manipulate parameters and gain a better understanding of topics such as Blackbody Radiation, The Bohr Model, Retrograde Motion, and the H-R Diagram by watching the effect of these manipulations. Each Interactive will include an Analysis Tool (interactive model), a Tutorial describing its function, Content describing its principle themes, related Exercises, and Solutions to the exercises. Plus you'll be able to jump between these Exercises and the Analysis Tools with just the click of the mouse. Thanks Ms. Head

Astronomy @ the American Museum of Natural History - Ology is the museum's website for students exploring our place in space.  Thanks Ms. Head

Moon Connection - Have a question about the moon.  Moon Connection has your answer. Thanks Ms. Head