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water cycle

Weather & Climate Websites - Special Thanks Mrs. Hartell - EOG sample questions, 11 pages of resources for students and teachers.
Water Cycle Video - Scholastic takes you through a video explanation of the water cycle.  Check out this video.

Magic School Bus - Water Cycle - Wet All Over Video

Water Cycle Simulation
 - Check out this moving water cycle simulation

Water Cycle Interactive Game - Wonder where all the water goes?  It falls from the sky, evaporates up, and then what happens to all of it?  Play this interactive game and find out.

Landforms Interactive  - How mountains are formed.  Thanks Ms. Russ for sharing.

Extreme Science
What is the largest ocean carnivore? How big is the world’s largest tarantula? Just how cold does the Antarctic actually get? Learn all about the extreme animals and places around the world.

Earthquakes for Kids
The U.S. Geological Survey website provides students with information about earthquakes. They can learn about the latest quakes, watch animations, get ideas for science fairs or play earthquake-related puzzles and games.

Water Cycle Diagram – Earthguide
The interactive Earthguide Water Cycle Diagram provides a visual representation of the different parts of the water cycle, including precipitation, runoff, infiltration, evaporation, evapotranspiration, freezing and more.

Plate Tectonics Animations
The University of California Berkeley’s plate tectonics animations demonstrate how the plates work, and the site includes information on the theories behind the motion, as information on the history of plate tectonics and animations of how plate tectonics shaped the world in the past!

Interactive Rock Cycle Quiz - Test your knowledge

The Learning Zone Rock Cycle - Oxford University Museum of Natural History shares rocks. fossils, and mineral information.