Government & Democracy

United States Constitution - a cool website about the constitution and all of its principles.

Branches of Government and Laws of the Land for Kids! - Article explains the branches and at the bottom are some great more links for government.  Thanks Harper

Democracy from PBS Kids - Here is a cool website teaching kids how government affects their lives.  Click on anything on the neighborhood map and it will show how government affects them.

Bill of Rights Rap Song - It is a youtube video of a rap song made about the bill of rights: explaining them in depth. Since students have a hard time remembering what they are in order, as part of our ongoing goal to encourge students to be 21st century learners I thought a rap song would be a really good way to grab their attention. The sidebar of the link also has some really songs about other social studies topics.

Guide to U.S. Government - Benjamin Franklin acts as our tour guide, through government.
Brainpop's United States Government Websites - Want to learn more about the government, constitution, laws, and bill of rights.