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Fractions videos

Simplest Form Fractions

YouTube Video

Two Fractions about adding and subtracting fractions

I've Got a Feeling Fractions

fraction song math rocks

Place Value rap

Prime Numbers Rap

YouTube Video

multiples video


YouTube Video

Division Rap

Long Division

Fraction shuffle

Ron Clark Academy Problems Up

Perimeter and Area Song

Language Arts Videos

Lolly, Lolly adverb song

Adverb song

Noun song

Conjunction School House Rock

Adjective Video


Science Videos

Phases of the Moon

Rock Cycle video

Solar Cooker

Heat Energy

Heat Energy


3 types of rocks

Earth quakes Bill Nye


Fossil lab

Figurative Language song

Figurative language

I'm just a bill

electoral college

preamble video

Sight Words Practice


Women In History by Hawk Eye Elementary Students