Helpful videos

Chromebook videos

Chromebook Basics: Logging In, Connecting to Wi-Fi, Access gmail, Access zoom, Access Canvas

Using Zoom on your Chromebook

New Security Measures and troubleshooting

Accessing Gmail on a chromebook

Accessing Classroom Websites and adding bookmarks

How to correctly shut down and restart your chromebook

How to view multiple windows on a Chromebook

Tips for using your trackpad

Logging into Istation on a chromebook

How to bookmark a site on a Chromebook

Logging into Kiosk Mode and NCTest

Accessing SchoolNet on a Chromebook for testing

How to add Zoom onto Chromebooks

iPad videos

How to add Zoom onto school iPads

Accessing Canvas on an iPad

Using Reaction buttons in Zoom

Adding a bookmark on an iPad

Deleting Apps on an iPad and checking storage